• Mike Hammond, CSCS, TPI

Why Golf?

Why golf? My athletic career started with baseball. I played in high school and was good enough to get on the club team at the University of South Dakota. Now, I can confidently say that basketball is my best sport. I play at the Y and in a city rec league. My physical fitness history is also interesting. In high school I spent the baseball offseason in the weight room, probably too much time and with nowhere near the proper guidance on what I was doing or why. Once I got to college, I had no idea how important exercise and eating right was—I did neither—and I eventually found myself at 260 lbs. I was lucky enough to catch myself while I was still young and hadn’t had any adverse effects on my health other than being overweight. In eight months, I lost 50 lbs. by playing pick-up basketball, rediscovering my interest in lifting weights, and just not eating completely bad. Since then, I’ve simply not stopped exercising and slowly filled in the gaps in my diet to stay physically fit. One of my goals is to be the old guy who still lifts weights and plays basketball at the Y when I’m in my 60s and older. This journey inspired me to go into the fitness industry. I first became a Certified Personal Trainer before setting out to work with athletes with as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and now narrowing my focus to golfers as a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness Professional.

But again, why golf? I have yet to break 100 on an 18-hole round. I’m 54 holes away from holding my first unofficial handicap—it’ probably in the 30s. Until yesterday, I’ve had the same improperly fit driver for the past 12 years. I’ve never been a great golfer and typically never played more than a handful of times per year. However, I’ve never had a bad time on a golf course. I think it’s one of the most peaceful activities in the world. And luckily for me those that I’ve always golfed with have been similarly lousy at golf and it always stayed competitive. One of those people was my dad, Mike, who passed away in 2015. That’s where my why comes from for golf. I’ve always wanted to carry on his legacy of us golfing and him being a business owner, so I combined the two.

I have been a TPI Certified since December 2019 and spent the summer of 2020 getting really into golf. If I’m at home Thursday through Sunday, that weekend’s PGA Tour event is on. I dream about golf all the time. I’ve always been great at adding strength and explosiveness for myself and clients, but now I have an added focus on the core control and ability to rotate needed to golf well. This combination of core control and rotational ability is the “golf flexibility” that every golfer wishes they had.

I believe I have the knowledge to help you increase your fitness and decrease your golf scores. No matter what your skill level on the course is or your experience level in the weight room is, I believe I can help you achieve your golf and fitness goals, no matter how big or small. It all starts with a golf fitness assessment to determine where you are at right now. Then we discuss where you want to go. Once we know what you want to accomplish, we start filling in the gaps through a strength and conditioning program. If you’re interested in raising your fitness level and lowering your golf scores, there’s no right answer to when to start, but I can help get you started today.

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