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  • Mike Hammond, CSCS, TPI

Where Does the Pain Come From?

So, it hurts when you golf. The good news is you’re not alone. The bad news is that you don’t know what is causing your pain. Most golfers will have some type of pain at least once in their career, but what causes those pains?

Each case of pain differs from every other case, but most start due to a dysfunction in one of the four areas. These rotational centers of golf—the neck, upper spine, shoulder, and hips—are the four places where the body rotates to perform the golf swing.

The golf swing is compromised of two turns or rotations. The first direction into your backswing and the second direction into your downswing and follow through. All of that rotation comes from the one of the four rotational centers.

Your brain contains the vision for what your perfect swing will look like from head to toe. As you begin your swing, the brain will tell the body what to do and if everything is functioning correctly, you will perform that perfect swing.

However, this is not the case for nearly every golfer in the world, including the pros you watch on tv. Over 50% of golfers fail TWO of the four rotational mobility tests and the same can be said for 75% of golfers over 50 y/o.

When any of the four rotational centers is dysfunctional, the body will find a new muscle to compensate for the lack of mobility and complete the task that the brain wants. Unfortunately, the lower back is usually the first place to help out. When the lower back starts to rotate—which it is not designed to do—pain is the typical result.

You can try to mask the pain with creams, heat, ice, medication, or stretching, but these are just treatments for the symptoms of a larger problem that is causing your back, hip, shoulder, knee, ankle, or neck pain.

How do you know if your rotation centers are dysfunctional? If you haven’t already, take this at-home assessment and schedule a Strategy Call to find out.

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