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  • Mike Hammond, CSCS, TPI

These 3 Things can Increase Your Distance

Every golfer in the world wants to hit the ball farther than they do now. If they tell you otherwise, they are flat out lying to you. Distance is becoming more and more important to staying competitive in golf at every level.

At the professional level, 12 of the top 15 golfers in the Official World Golf Rankings are in the top 20 in strokes gained off the tee in 2021. For juniors trying to make a college team, distance can be a deciding factor. Amateurs want to show off in front of their peers at their clubs or in their leagues. Older golfers want to quit losing distance year after year.

Adding distance means shorter approach shots, less effort needed each swing, more confidence in your driver, and in turn, lower scores. Plus, it’s just awesome to smash one right down the middle. Again, if any golfer tells you that they don’t want this, they are lying to you.

Not only is it what everyone is looking for, it’s not difficult for anyone to add distance no matter how old you are or how many previous injuries you’ve had. You can add distance to your game by improving in just ONE of three areas. The average golfer can gain 10 yards in just three months.

Mobility. Strength. Rate of force production. Each of these three areas make up the power equation for golf. Mobility allows you to have a longer backswing, strength allows you to put more force into the ball, and rate of force development allows you to apply that force faster.

ALL THREE can be improved. This adds up to exponential distance gains.

If you haven’t already check out how you compare to your peers and set a good target for where you want to be. How would your game change if you added 10 yards?

You can also join the Golf Fitness and Performance Omaha private Facebook group to learn more anything from speed to mobility and more.

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