• Mike Hammond, CSCS, TPI

Taking the Madness out of March Golf

March Madness is here again! But I’m not talking about basketball. I’m talking about those first few rounds of golf on the year. You forgot how to swing a club over the winter or you body is aching in ways you didn’t know it could before. Either way the first few times out on the course may not go well and it can be maddening.

If you forgot how to swing a golf in the last three or four months since your last round (me), go see a golf pro or swing coach immediately. However, if you are aching in anyway whatsoever during or after your first rounds of 2021, a golf pro is not your best option.

You haven’t played golf for the last three or four months, so your body is not prepared to twist into the positions you want it to be for your swing. Maybe you packed on a few too many pounds over the holiday season. Or maybe you have just been sitting down too much this winter and your core musculature forgot how to work properly.

Any of these scenarios can be painful once you get back onto the course. If something is aching, you should 100% NOT try to play through it. Not only will playing through the pain likely make your pain worse, but it will also make it tougher to address the problem when you finally decide to look for help.

Common places to look for help are a chiropractor or physical therapist. These are not bad options, but it can be tough to stick to the exercise regimen they prescribe on your own. So, wouldn’t it be nice if you had some help?

Golf-specific strength and conditioning can help you relieve your pain and stay out of the doctor’s office in as little as a few weeks. Then there’s the added bonus of becoming a stronger and more powerful you with a great chance of hitting the ball farther with greater ease. Why wouldn’t you want to see these results?

My goal is to help you golf pain free and for years to come. Reach out to Gateway Golf Performance at mike@gatewaygolfperformance.com, (712) 898-1550, or just click here to start preparing your body to play great golf this summer!

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