Safely Under 100

I’m proud to say I’ve broken 100 for the first time and my life and now feel like I’m a safe bet to stay under 100 every time out.

Gain 10 Yards Instead

I’ve heard it a hundred times: “I lose about 10 yards every year." What if I told you that you could gain 10 yards instead next year?

Can You Turn?

The number one way to stay pain and injury free in golf is to make sure you can turn into a full backswing.

Low Back Pain in the Golfer

Low Back Pain on the Course or Range? You’re not alone! Unfortunately, low back pain is a common complaint among rotational athletes and...

Golf Quest 2021

I’ve never broken 100 and I haven’t even birdied a hole in my golfing career. But that changes this year and I’ve got a plan to do it.

Taking the Madness out of March Golf

March Madness is here again! But I’m not talking about basketball. I’m talking about those first few rounds of golf on the year.

Mt. Everest Recap and Overtraining

Seven weeks ago, I started the Papillion Landing’s Mt. Everest Challenge. I decided to put my personal twist onto it.

How to Fuel for a Better Golf Game

If there were a way you could be confident in being at the top of your game, that’s something you would want to know more about, isn’t it?