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5 Athletic Skills for Better Golf

The reality is that view of golfers is changing. If you look anywhere in competitive golf, those men, women, boys, and girls are athletes. Y

These 3 Things can Increase Your Distance

Every golfer in the world wants to hit the ball farther than they do now. If they tell you otherwise, they are flat out lying to you.

Where Does the Pain Come From?

So, it hurts when you golf. The good news is you’re not alone. The bad news is that you don’t know what is causing your pain.

Low Back Pain in the Golfer

Low Back Pain on the Course or Range? You’re not alone! Unfortunately, low back pain is a common complaint among rotational athletes and...

How to Fuel for a Better Golf Game

If there were a way you could be confident in being at the top of your game, that’s something you would want to know more about, isn’t it?

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